rooted in strength even great things fall

Please Join Me…


23 thoughts on “lost

      1. I bought your book on Amazon after going to your Web site earlier. It will be arriving in 2 days. I look forward to reading through it and enjoying your artwork. I love the fact that a portion of your proceeds go to charity. What a Triple Winner you are!
        We need to find another way to communicate!

        Paulette Motzko

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      2. And we must continue…Thank you and thank you! You are so good for the soul! 😊 it means the world that you’ve taken the time to let me know. Life is busy. This has touched me and brought me much love and light! I needed your kind words, many blessings 💛

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      3. Hello Jessica,
        Say special prayers for me. I had a seizure last night for some reason and a few auras this morning. I took my medicine early and am saying prayers. I’d love to talk with email or WhatsApp, or another way.
        Bless you. Reading your beautiful book.

        Paulette Motzko

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I look forward to hearing from you!

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