#3 kings


and our burden is actionable hearing


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  1. There’s always a choice, and free will is a privilege we all have got…. the problem is to make the right choice! Thanks a for a great quote

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    1. I believe we are speaking the same language. Stay blessed.

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      1. True, we are speaking the same language. Blessings too

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  2. pawan35 says:

    There was a choice then also
    Maybe we were blinded then
    But still I feel maybe it was to happen
    So that we know how to make better choice next time

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    1. For those who remain blind. Our actions are our own as is justification. Much love and I send Always light, Always love. Be well.


      1. pawan35 says:

        Your sending love and light
        Grateful I am to the Soul you have
        Blessings double out when we share
        Showing a blind way is virtue divine
        Actions yes justify themselves
        But choices are made by Thee for us
        Maybe we needed to make them smile
        Even in the end tears are what we going to have.
        Yes this choice of remaining in past
        Can be truly changed now.

        Thank you for the love, light and beautiful Sunshine

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  3. Even no choice in decision is still a choice. Just saying. πŸŒŸβœ¨πŸ’«


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