inherit peace


the rest is mindlessΒ propaganda

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  1. wonkywizard says:

    Indeed so, in few words. You either have it in your heart, or in your mouth; with or without the religious garment, garnished by propaganda, unaware.

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  2. thanks for you great blog

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    1. Thank you for bringing light! Much πŸ’› always my friend!


  3. Thanks dear soo much to be are great blogger friend

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    1. Always! 😊


  4. Gary Bertnick says:

    Your voice and artful work carry with wings of peace and encouragement.
    They travel far and lift many with just the right touch.
    Thanks to you for the glow shared.

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    1. Gary you inspire me! Thank you for this! So much ❀ I send! πŸ™‚


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