Jealous Jubilation


jovial justices

#April’s A-Z Challenge


7 thoughts on “Jealous Jubilation

  1. O Sunshine! Juvenile Justifications? It reminds me of a joyful incident recently. I placed my growing garlics pot in my window sill. Next day? I go to water them and? No garlic pot! I was furious! I moved to a roof apartment where no one can steal anything from me. After a couple of days? Ahmad comes to tell me? You got a message in the old apartment. Oh? It says, “Sorry, sorry, sorry! I stole your plant. My teacher wanted for us to bring a growing plant. On the way to school I forgot mine so I took yours. Sorry, sorry, sorry.” O but what could I say? Guess in his juvenile mind & heart that justified his conscious. What a joy to know that I helped a teacher/student. 🙂

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