But, There is a place at his table …

I do not live where it is you do.  The empathy inside of me embraces the woes of the world and plight of others.  And, I choose silence over energies with a tendency to suffocate.  Spiteful words spewed at an innocent call out simple truths from the twisted lips in which they have fallen, and I am rendered speechless.  I cannot rationalize this place you dwell.  What is it you need?  Find peace, heal and carry on…Send Sunshine, spread light. Hatred reflects poorly. Discover forgiveness and this I do – I forgive you.

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  1. I like the strength of your compassion.

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    1. Thank you, a cursed blessing that I embrace and cherish! Much 💛 !

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  2. suchled says:

    Jessica, the idea that someone can just decide to be nice and send sunshine would have normally made be very wary. But so often when I feel low and depressed and I wait for responses to my posts, you are always there. You say nothing, you just tell me you like what I write. And your sunshine warms me and smiles my heart. And I thank you from the very depths of my lonely times.

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    1. I am justly as you see and always your friend! I offer you always light and love! A smile, you in turn bless me! 💛


  3. Forgiveness, the key to peace:) good for you!

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    1. Much <3! Thank you!

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