April starts with the letter A

April starts with the letter A and today is the 1st day of April’s A-Z challenge, every day, except Sunday will be the next letter of the alphabet.  My theme of course is Inspiration, Positivity & Sunshine.  I hope you enjoy this challenge with me…

“A winning Attitude provides us with Ambition to Act; And bring Awareness to Always Accept those Around us, never Alienate, we Are one.”

Aspire & Appreciate

Send Sunshine.

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  1. abyssbrain says:

    That’s a full of letter A’s 🙂

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    1. Enjoy this day! 🙂

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  2. pattyalcala says:

    Beautiful words to start the month of April and the challenge.

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    1. ❤ to you Patty!

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  3. mihrank says:

    elegant – this is a winning letter and classical..congrats!!

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  4. stevendmcilroy84 says:

    AMAZING! I love this ❤

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    1. Grazie Steven! 🙂


  5. Shalzzz says:

    Short and sweet, yet powerful! Loved it! Happy A to Z! 🙂
    *Shalini @TaleofTwoTomatoes*

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    1. To you as well! <3!


  6. patgarcia says:

    Very nicely said and very encouraging. I look forward to reading more.
    Visiting from the A to Z Blog Challenge 2015
    Patricia at Everything Must Change

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    1. Love yours! Thank you!


  7. married2arod says:

    Oh you’re doing this! Good luck! ….and A is for appreciation 😉

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    1. I appreciate you much! Thanks sis!

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  8. Bill Hayes says:

    Absolutely awesome addition to April.


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