911 My Liker Won’t Like

911!! Seriously folks…I’ve logged off and back in, switched to multiple devices, and my star lights up and then off every single time!  This happens to me often. 😔😳😁 Any great advice or similar woes? 


32 thoughts on “911 My Liker Won’t Like

  1. rainydayreflections

    You might want to check your Internet speed. That happens to me sometimes, too. It seems to be when my Internet slows down. –Our Internet is rather inconsistent. I need to call and get a new modem. I hope it gets better. 🙂

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      1. abyssbrain

        I have experienced losing my work even in MS Word before. While I was typing some work-related report, there was suddenly some gibberrish error that I don’t understand. When I reopened Word again, it’s recovery function didn’t recover my file for some reason…

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      2. abyssbrain

        Considering the reputation of MS, it’s hard to tell…

        Nonetheless, I hope that you won’t experience that bs and I wish you all the best 🙂

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  2. Mine does it at the top of my Reader after I have gone into a post (because I never like from the Reader unless the whole post is on there…but if I go into the post again, I can see my little horse-face in the likers area.

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  3. When I am on my phone it is horrible. Everything freezes! I have un-followed a few people by accident. I hope WP gets a hold on their mobile capabilities. It’s frustrating. Good luck with your issue! Hope it gets resolved.

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  4. I don’t have advice as I’m often not to great at figuring this stuff out. But I love your posts…a little sunshine in my reader everyday. And I want to say thank you for that.


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