This Beautiful Day

This beautiful day is found wherever we are and wherever we may go, cloaked in shadows or blinding us in light. This life consists of marked times to make as many moments count as possible; to find pleasure in every second of every minute, leading to every day. Our journeys are different and will take us to various places in the whole of our lifetime, but for this instant I send to you sunshine. A gentle smile and offering of love.  To you, for yours, may your days be blessed and bright!


18 thoughts on “This Beautiful Day

  1. I adore what you stand for. I adore what you send out. I adore who you communicate. I adore that you share your blessings. I adore that you embrace your calling. I adore that I found you. I adore who you are X

    PS thank you for always supporting my work. Birds of a feather.


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