Hair Raised

Hair raised, the instinct is to fight back.  Did those nasty words or actions really just happen?  Is it possible someone rudely pushed into you at the grocers, or cut you off as you are driving down the road?  Spoke out of turn or passed an ugly look? The reality is commonplace, but our reactions to such could be outstanding.

Somewhere, deep inside us all, everyone has developed the urge to judge or act entitled. It is a practiced response for the rest of us to regain control of our reactionary impulses at such behaviors to a place of refrained indifference.  Our happy is the day we help create, to resist the urges that would allow negativity to fracture our layer of positive resolve.  Do not engage.  I repeat, do not engage.

Take back that power of influence.

A good friend of mine raised an excellent question, “Has anyone every stopped to ask those (under the domination of negative Nancy) if everything was alright?”  We just don’t know.

Send Sunshine for you and me and for Sally and Steve.  Let your radiance of joy touch those who may not even know its value.  When we sing, it is possible, just possible, the whole world may sing with us, too. 

P.S…  Names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Smiles, love, sunshine, to you for you, for light.  Forever, stay bright.

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  1. Sandi says:

    You raise such an important question. Why do we avoid looking at our own responses? Negative or positive energy has a life of its own!

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