The Monster

The monster known as misinterpretation.  It would seem somewhere in the rise of digital communication we have lost the art of real conversation, and thus, the loss of hearing how a person’s inflection can drastically change a given sentence.  As I sit here and type to you in my head I hear my conversation plainly, but as you read my sentences it is possible they are taken completely out of context. 

Life carries with it much pain that is contained barely beneath the surface.  It takes but a slight scratch for the dragon to rise and rear its ugly, horned head.  There is the classic rendition of assuming, to assume is to make an ass of u and me.  It holds true.  Ask, before you act.  A lesson for us all.  To talk, is to converse through real, spoken words.

Send sunshine, universally accepted and acknowledged by a source greater than all of us.

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  1. Karen says:

    Never a truer word what you say here about the loss of inflection, body language and face-to- face communication to digital communication, and its potential for miscommunication. I got into trouble with some sisters recently because it was felt that my emails conveyed a certain ‘tone’. I’m always aware of tone when I write, but the thing about the silver screen is that it is unforgiving and very difficult to hide or convey exactly what you don’t want it to or want it to some times. As an elder at my church advised, maybe it’s just best to say what you have to say face-to-face.


    1. Sandi says:

      How true!,, and then there’s the misinterpretation of the written word!


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