I dreamt love could be enough

#SendSunshine…for reasons beyond ourselves, we must forgive those who know not what they have done & may never understand…#SunshineSent

humbled, blessed, thankful



#SendSunshine … i send YOU sunshine – honor lives in the greater of humankind … #SunshineSent

Tenacity takes Trust

#SendSunshine … thankfulness transforms tolerance … #SunshineSent inspiringquotesdaily.com

Praise Be

may your day of Christ’s birth be joyful and filled with his light


may our thanks be plentiful our blessings great and our joys abudant

And Boom

Let’s hear it for procrastination vegetation in one heaping bite! And now on to the Awards (Please note these are random in order, and I beg extreme forgiveness in my semi-annual event of delayed postings.) But first, I would like to extend great recognition to all the bloggers listed below, their hard work and inspiration…