A Chuckle

#SendSunshine … MY delirium is a full time job … #SunshineSent


#SendSunshine … if YOU could only see you the way I do … #SunshineSent

Nothing else Needed

#SendSunshine … embrace this beautiful being known as you … #SunshineSent

Hard Truths

#SendSunshine we must ask ourselves is that i dont trust you or is it actually myself #SunshineSent


your smile is sunlight to the garden of my heart #SunshineSent

Blessings in 2015

With the closing of 2015, I would like to thank all of my faithful and dear followers and fellow bloggers. Your dedication, love and support is life altering. In our light, together we shine and may we make a difference to touch others on a daily basis. A smile is a blessing that needs no…


i cannot make one love what is me but Love starts within myself

Praise Be

may your day of Christ’s birth be joyful and filled with his light


we must grant forgiveness for those who do not understand what it is they have done