Acceptance, do I need yours?  Why must we feel the need to constantly appeal to others, to be at the mercy of their approval?  Stop.  Just, stop.  Look into the mirror everyday and say I love who I see.  I love the person who is my reflection and shed any negativity you may wish to speak.  You can love yourself in modest measures that will not reflect as being conceited. 

Do away with cares of what a stranger may think.  Train your brain, first.  What others see is what we project.

We need our own internal claim to fame.  For me, mine is, “I am a good person.”  It is something no one can take away from me.  It has nothing to do with vanity.  It is who I am.  We are all, already, the person we need to be.  Speak not negative of the incredible being you are. The beauty of generosity leads to a full heart of personal acceptance.  Gain light, find peace, rest your soul. 

Send Sunshine, you, beautiful you!

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