The Wall

The wall of indifference.  An emotional barrier created by some form of pain.  It matters not how high it has been built, or how thick it may be; You are loved.  For myself, personally, I offer those…a hello when there is a snub, a smile when there is a frown, a helping hand when there has been a shove.  I walk towards you and not away.  We can all, unintentionally, be misunderstood; by sending sunshine we can eliminate a mistake. 

Make every day a great day to Send Sunshine, a habit worth forming.

3 Comments Add yours

    1. Well goodness, THANK YOU! Crazy about your appreciation of this lil sunshiner! You are a rockstar!
      Have the super most fabulous day ever! 🙂 ❤


      1. amommasview says:

        Just sending some sunshine 😉


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